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It’s that time of year again. New Year’s Eve is up for free download until January 6th.  I wrote/recorded this in 2009, it’s 7 minutes long and somehow incorporates angst, guacamole, anger, drinking, loft beds, a party, tambourine, gang vocals, etc.

Every year when I do this, I am sort of forced to compare my current emotional state to that of when I wrote the song. This year, I feel like the person singing sounds a lot younger and more secure/self righteous than I feel inside. The songs I have been writing lately feel introspective, less sure about who has “wronged” who (whom? who?) and mostly not adhering to that narrative as much as one that examines my own inner wrongs, if that makes sense?

Usually I put an EP up for free download with it, but this year I’m gonna change the tradition a little, okay? Go ahead and download a digital copy of my entire new album if you wanna. Really! If you have dollars to kick in, it is much appreciated and thank you, but if not, please just download it and give it to someone who could use a break up album or whatevs it is right now.  Sometimes I’m more worried about making a living and sometimes I’m more like what is this shit even for if it’s not for each other?

Anyway, pass it on. If you are sad or struggling this New Year’s, I am sorry and I love you and taking care of yourself is punk as fuck and I think you are worth everything


download new year’s eve for free until january 6th
download tempest in a teacup for name your own price until january 6th

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    "If you are sad or struggling this New Year’s, I am sorry and I love you and taking care of yourself is punk as fuck and...
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    Mal Blum is great and you should listen to all of her stuff!
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    This is awesome.
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    Super good music, y’all. Take advantage while this lasts.
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    Do it. download them. and pitch in if possible. you won’t be disappointed. tempest in a teacup is super amazing.
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