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So, I already told you about my tendency to write self-deprecating tragic-comedy songs around the holidays.. And we all know what today is…  You probably see where I’m going with this. Once I wrote this song about Valentine’s Day.

 Anyway, here is a special download for you because I love you. The unreleased acoustic demo version of my “Valentine’s Day” song, recorded amongst giggles on Simon’s farm a year ago. There may be a freestyle rap at the end. MAYBE

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE/NAME YOUR OWN PRICE only for the next few days. Studio version coming this summer. Happy Valentine’s Day to tragic valentines and happy valentines alike. Reblog and pass it on!!



your bud,


Three* Years Ago I Was Sad on New Year’s Eve

So, you may or may not know that I have written more than a few tragic holiday songs…

Once I wrote a song about being drunk/sad/pissed off/eating guacamole on New Year’s Eve. Last year, I set it up for free/set your own price download all night on account of the holiday.

Anyway, I decided to make it a yearly tradition!!!!! Only this time, you can download it all week before the new year.  Download “New Year’s Eve” Here for free/set your own price anytime in the next five days.

To learning from your mistakes. To a sober New Year’s. Or not having a New Year’s. Or getting shitfaced and eating all the guac yourself and writing a punk song and making it through another year ready for a better one to start.

Plz re-blog if you know anyone who might appreciate a 7 minute song about drinking too much and having lots of feelings and crying in your car. Hypothetically.

Added bonus: here’s the For Making Art EP for free til Jan 1st too.

Love you, happy holidays

Lyrics after the break:

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Rachel Maddow shuts down Richard Cohen on The Maddow Show, discusses the usage of his work in conjunction with promotion of Anti-gay bill in Uganda. Happy holidays, sorry I never tumblr!