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So, I already told you about my tendency to write self-deprecating tragic-comedy songs around the holidays.. And we all know what today is…  You probably see where I’m going with this. Once I wrote this song about Valentine’s Day.

 Anyway, here is a special download for you because I love you. The unreleased acoustic demo version of my “Valentine’s Day” song, recorded amongst giggles on Simon’s farm a year ago. There may be a freestyle rap at the end. MAYBE

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE/NAME YOUR OWN PRICE only for the next few days. Studio version coming this summer. Happy Valentine’s Day to tragic valentines and happy valentines alike. Reblog and pass it on!!



your bud,


Simon (my bestie/bandmate for those that don’t know Simon) being interviewed on the Tyra show!* Zomg!

*Tyra show=a parody of the Tyra show in which Tyra is portrayed by a stuffed bull in Simon’s barn

I am getting drunk at a Bulgarian bar after my show on Wednesday and going to see this, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

ps: I texted the picture of the vampire kitsch to Simon and he said: “BUY IT ALL!!! WE COULD SLEEP ON EDWARD CULLEN’S FACE EVERY NIGHT ON OUR PILLOWS!”

Driving home from TN in Oct. we got scared of Tornado warnings on the radio so we hid in a grocery store and took this insane video. [Sidenote: there was no tornado but the terror is real]

Clips from us practicing new stuff at Simon’s house last night.. supposed to be recording them next week at Melissa’s..

We switch around our instruments for one song, which I’m not quite used to yet. …Looking for feedback!  Arranging two more songs today and then I think we’ll be done.

[Ashley took this] video of Simon and I drunkenly covering “Wagon Wheel” at his parents’ dinner party last last weekend.

This is what I sing to myself when I play shows without Simon. hahahaha 

on my ownnn, pretending he’s besiiiiide me